Nicholas Alexander carries a full line of high quality lawn, garden and houseplant fertilizers. Our branded products are formulated and manufactured for us by a local fertilizer manufacturer.

Our branded fertilizers are as follows:

  • All Purpose (6-8-6)
  • Flower and vegetable (10-15-20)
  • Rose Food (6-12-16)
  • Rhododendron and Azalea (10-8-6)
  • Fruit Tree and Berry (4-20-20)
  • Bone Meal (2-14-0)
  • Tree shrub and Hedge (18-4-8)
  • Bulb Food (3-15-8)

Lawn Fertilizers:

Turf and Lawn Starter (15-30-10) for newly seeded or sodded lawns.

Premium Lawn Fertilizer (14-4-8) for spring application.

Fabulawn (23-3-23) for summer application.

Premium Fall Fertilizer (10-4-24) to prepare your lawn for winter.

Specialty Fertilizers:

We carry a wide range of specialty fertilizers for specific applications.  Example: to counteract nutrient deficiencies or for other more complex fertilizing needs.
Example: Aluminum Sulphate to encourage blue blooms on Hydrangeas.

Come in and speak to one of our experts to find the right product for your needs.

Water Soluble Fertilizers:

We carry a water soluble fertilizer for Flowering Plants (15-3-15) and an All Purpose (20-20-20)
Both of these fertilizers need to be diluted before use. Ask our staff for more details

Organic Fertilizers:

We carry a number of different brands of Organic fertilizers in both granular and liquid forms. Some of the brands we carry include Myke’s, Gaia, GardenPro and Orgunique!