Soils & Amendments

Nicholas Alexander carries a complete line of soil products and soil amendments. These are supplied by local companies from all over BC.

We are confident that you will grow to rely on the consistency and quality of our mixes.

Container growing:

  • 10L, 20L & 40L Indoor Potting Soil. Ideal for house plants and tropical plants.
  • 5L&9L Pro Mix Potting. (Indoor plants)
  • 9L Pro Mix Cactus Soil
  • 9L Pro Mix Orchid Mix
  • 9L Pro Mix African Violet Soil
  • 28L, 56L & 2.2 cu. ft. Pro Mix Ultimate Container Mix (The perfect mix for outdoor containers)

Garden Mix:

  • Way to Grow Manure Enriched Soil (Garden mix)
  • Pro Mix Black Earth Soil (Top Dressing)

Soil amendments:

  • 20L Way to Grow Steer Manure

  • 20L Way to Grow Mushroom Manure

  • 20L Way to Grow Night Crawler Worm Castings

  • 32L Sea Soil Original (Omri Listed)

  • Peat – 1cuft 2cuft & 3.8 cu.ft. bales

  • BeatsPeat Coconut Coir. (An environmentally friendly substitute for peat)

Assorted soil amendments:

  • Pumice
  • Washed sand
  • Bark Mulch
  • Bark Nuggets
  • Charcoal

Specialty growing media:

We also carry a wide range of potting media for growing Orchids at all our stores

*More selection and variety in store, please call ahead before making a special trip as these soils are not always in stock

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