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Blue One Hydrangea Aluminum

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Why use blue one

blue one provides the two components essential to making blue hydrangeas blue:

Aluminum - must be added to soil around the hydrangea to make it blue.

Lowering pH - in order to make the aluminum available to the plant, the pH of the soil must be low (5.0 - 5.8). The sulphate component in blue one will make neutral or alkaline soils more acidic and ensure the right conditions for plants to absorb the aluminum necessary for beautiful blue blooms!

Important: to get blue hydrangeas, you must be working with the right kind of hydrangea. White hydrangeas cannot be changed to pink or blue.

Container-grown hydrangeas are easier to make blue, as it is much easier to control the pH of the soil in a container than in the ground.

Colour intensity depends on a number of factors, such as climatic conditions (temperature and humidity), variety of hydrangea and plant health. Fertilizing hydrangeas with one Time-Release Fertilizer may result in a more intense blue colour by improving plant health.