Roald Dahl English Rose

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Roses will be ready for in-store pickup from May 6-12, 2019. By then, your rose bush will have begun to show leaves and will bloom in your garden in June.


Very free-flowering peach coloured blooms, produced almost continuously.
A remarkably free-flowering variety that will be a valuable addition to any garden. Beautiful orange-red buds open to cupped peach rosettes with a lovely Tea fragrance. It matures into a very attractive, rounded, bushy shrub with few thorns.


Rose Type: English Rose - bred by David Austin
Growth Type: Shrub Rose
Sub Type: English Musk Hybrid
Colour: Apricot
Fragrance Strength: Medium Fragrance
Flowering: Repeat Flowering
Disease Resistance: Excellent
Height: 4ft
Width: 4ft
Breeder: David Austin
Year of Introduction: 2016
Appellation: Ausowlish
Suitable for zones: Zones 5-11
Petal Count: 55