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Talk of Tomato 3-3-4 720g

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Simply apply and forget. One of the most important plants in the vegetable garden is the tomato, but the most discouraging parts of any gardener’s treasure is to find that your tomatoes have developed blossom-end-rot, appearing just when the fruit is about to fill out and ripen. This gives the tomato a blackened soft spot under the bottom of the fruit, making it and possibly other fruit produced by that plant inedible.

Now you can end the number one tomato problem organically with this blend of natural composted nutrients plus available calcium. Making your fruit mouth-wateringly tasty and bringing on the most productive plants that any gardener would be proud to show and give to friends or neighbours.

Fertilizer analysis: Nitrogen: 0.4 water soluble, 2.6 water insoluble; Phosphoric Acid: 3%; Soluble Potash: 4%; Calcium: 12%

Treats up to 24 plants per 720 gram bottle