Tess of the d'Urbervilles Climbing English Rose

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Roses will be ready for in-store pickup from May 6-12, 2019. By then, your rose bush will have begun to show leaves and will bloom in your garden in June.


Large, bright crimson blooms. Good Old Rose fragrance. Flowers freely from early in the season.


  • Rose Type: English Rose - bred by David Austin
  • Growth Type: Climbing Rose
  • Sub Type: English Old Rose Hybrid
  • Colour: Crimson
  • Fragrance Strength: Medium Fragrance
  • Flowering: Repeat Flowering
  • Disease Resistance: Average
  • Height: 8ft
  • Breeder: David Austin
  • Year of Introduction: 1998
  • Appellation: Ausmove
  • Suitable for zones: Zones 4-11
  • Petal Count: 110 petals